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Menter a Busnes to open a second office in Yr Atom

Menter a Busnes have opened a second office at Yr Atom in Carmarthen.

They have been tenants at the centre since August 2019, when the company decided to move to Yr Atom as it is a great location to set up an office – convenient to the town, and a centre for Carmarthen’s Welsh events and activities.

Yr Atom is a centre for learning, practicing and promoting the Welsh language as well as a location at which to hold activities for all ages, including Welsh lessons as part of the National Learning Welsh Centre’s offer, weekly meetings of establishments such as Merched Y Wawr and Adran Ffynnonddrain, and Yr Atom is also home to a number of institutions and businesses such as Menter Gorllewin Sir Gâr; Cylch Meithrin Myrddin and Evans Bros Auctioneers on King Street.

Following a recent growth in Menter a Busnes and the appointment of new staff, it became obvious that many lived and worked from the south west Wales area, and Carmarthen would be the closest office to many of those. Menter a Busnes is an independent, not-for-profit company, which supports individuals, businesses and establishments in Wales to start and develop their businesses. They also provide advisory services relating to economic development issues in Wales and beyond, with committed staff that prioritise service provision of the highest possible standards.

An increase was seen in the number of staff wishing to use the office, and as more space was needed in Carmarthen, it was a natural step to expand the company’s presence at Yr Atom. By now, 28 members of staff work from the office.

The company has praised Yr Atom as a Welsh location which has a welcoming space with other companies which is a centre to the town’s culture and economy.

Llŷr Roberts, Menter a Busnes Chief Executive, said:

“We’re delighted to announce the expansion of our presence at Yr Atom, Carmarthen. This commitment reflects the positive impact Yr Atom has had on our operations and our confidence in its ongoing growth as a focal point for innovation and collaboration The extended space will offer a wonderful location for our increasing team in South west Wales.”

Caryl Jones, Manager of Yr Atom, noted:

“It’s wonderful to see the Menter a Busnes team expand here in Carmarthen and open a second office at Yr Atom. It’s wonderful to see new connections blossoming between the tenants and we look forward to collaborating further with Menter a Busnes in the future.”


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